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Review: LA Colors 12 Eyeshadow Palette.

I had heard a few things about the LA Colors eyeshadows but I had never given it the time of day until I walked into a dollar store and saw their 12 color palettes for $1 each! I thought that was a crazy price compared to what even drugstores charge, and the fact that you get 12 different colors for that little was amazing!




-Silky, smooth application

-Long lasting formula with rich intense color

When I got home I opened them up and noticed how little color there seems to be in the pans, but you’re not going to get a whole lot for that cheap. I swatched them and noticed that they didn’t seem to show up much (I found some showed up better than others). I then rubbed the shadow with my hand and half the color wiped off right away. It got me thinking that they must not really be as good as I’ve been told. But I wasn’t discouraged. In fact I was still very pleased to find so many colors so cheap. So next I tried it on my eye (concealer on, no real primer) and it went on a little nicer. It did go on smooth like the package claimed. The color was still not  “bam!” but it’s pretty decent (remember you’re only paying $1 for this). I tried wiping it and it didn’t come off as easy with the concealer underneath.If you can’t get the colors to show up well for you, add some water to your brush or sponge applicator and the color will show up darker.



Let me talk a little more about the palettes themselves. They have 3 palettes. I only picked up 2: Supernatural and Chic. I remember the other palette they had as being mostly browns and very neutral colors so I got Chic because it had a little more variety. There were also 5 color palettes that were brighter colors, so if you’re not into neutrals so much, that’s something to look into. I think I will purchase those next time I go there. Chic is the more brown/pink palette and Supernatural is the more blue/green one. All of the colors have a glitter to them, but some are more prominent than others, and they don’t all show up really metallic so it’s nothing scary. I haven’t used enough to say for sure, but it almost seems like the metallic part is only on the surface of the color and not the whole shadows. None of that bothers me though, as I don’t have much of a preference when it comes to $1 cosmetics.These palettes come with double sided sponge applicators, which is nice, but I don’t recommend using the applicator if you want to get the most out of these shadows. If you can’t afford eye brushes these will still do. The palettes are also packaged with a clear plastic sheet inside and have a sticker on the back stating the palette name and number. As you can see in the following pictures they are very scratch/fingerprint prone.

Using #s 12, 8, and 1 from Supernatural. It looks like a brown here but that was my webcam's doing.

Using #s 12, 8, and 1 from Supernatural. It looks like a brown/purple here but that was my webcam's doing.

I did a look with 3 of the colors from the Supernatural palette (^above) and one with 3 colors from the Chic palette, but unfortunately, with the Chic look I couldn’t get a decent picture of the colors. =/ Not the color’s fault, but my camera’s. I kept the eyeshadow on all day and they didn’t wear off, so that was good.

Were the claims true?

-Silky, smooth application (yes)

Supernatural swatches

Supernatural swatches

-Long lasting formula with rich intense color (yes, depending on how you apply it and whether or not you’re using a primer under it)


  • Cheap!
  • Pretty color selection
  • 12 shades!
  • Great for beginners
  • Goes on well
  • Double sided sponge applicator (for those who prefer to use that)


  • Wipes off easy without a primer
  • Not a whole lot of color (but I’ll say it again, $1…so I’m not even sure if this can be considered a con. Just throwing it out there for those who have issues with small eyeshadow amounts.  😉

    Chic swatches (These didn't show up well. They're much prettier than this)

    Chic swatches (These didn't show up well. They're much prettier than this)

  • Only appears to be metallic on the surface (I will look into this).

Overall, they are very beautiful colors with a very beautiful price tag. 😉


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